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Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Planning

The following are some basic questions and answers we have received to help you learn more about us and the financial planning process.

1. What is RJ20’s value proposition?
RJ20 is a unique blend of advice/education (as you see fit), a 3 21a fiduciary which we put in writing,
live CFP® servicing, and a goals based financial planning solution that addresses not only specific 401k
recomendations but all other financial topics for a low flat fully disclosed fee.

2. What can RJ20 do for me as an Industry Professional?

  • We simplify your life as a one stop provider for both participant advice and education as opposed to having to use multiple vendors with limited scope
  • We shield you from additional work, where other vendors may add to your work load, ie participant questions about results, how to use the service etc. RJ20s CFP®s field all those calls. Who wants to bring on an additional service that will add more work for you or the plan sponsor?
  • We help you retain and acquire new business with a solution that addresses all participant needs and wants.
  • Our fee is extremely low therefore you can bring this solution to your clients with peace of mind and aid in removing any future participant tort liability

3. Will you provide administrative reports?
Yes, we can provide these reports and deliver them as you see fit.

4. I noticed you charge $99 dollars per person annually. Is that what the service costs for our participants?
Absolutely Not! Our pricing for industry professionals is significantly lower. We always strive to have our
flat fee equate to just a few basis points.


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